7 Ways to Maximise Lead Generation from your Website

One of the main jobs of your website is to Collect Highly Qualified Leads! By leads I’m talking about getting someone’s email, once you have their email address, you own that lead, it now will cost you nothing to market to them. Having helped multiple businesses in different industry’s change their websites from not generating any leads to becoming a lead generation machine here are some of the 7 key things that we look for here at TheCloud9.

1. Have Good Quality Well Positioned Opt-In Boxes

This may sound super simple but you would be amazed at how many websites get this wrong. For your website to generate the maximum amount of leads, you should place your main Opt-In Box above the fold. The fold refers to the portion of the webpage that is visible without scrolling, AKA the top. This placement will immediately draw visitor’s attention to your Call to Action which should be an irresistible offer that helps your prospects solve their biggest pain points though a for a free e-book or special report in exchange for their name and email.

2. Use Your Blog More Frequently

Blogging works amazingly well to improve your SEO and get you up the rankings in Google, which in turn will drive more traffic to your site. If you’re not blogging, then get started and post at least once per week. Adding in great useable content and key words that your prospects are likely to google when looking for your services. It’s super important to have an opt-in box to collect leads on the side bar of your blog page as potential leads are more likely to opt-in to your offer once they have read your blog posts. Keep the opt-in box in your potential leads sight at all times wherever possible on your website

3. Use Inbound Tools to Generate More Traffic

Traffic will not just magically come to your site, once you have it optimized use inbound traffic tools to drive more traffic to your site and ultimately to your lead generating opt-in box. Here are some Inbound Traffic Tools (this is an obvious one) - Use pay per click advertising to be at that top of search engines. You will pay a fee every time someone clicks on one your ads. Social Media Marketing/Advertising - Increase your followers, add posts to your social accounts and engage with social users, like their posts. Create Facebook ads or boost posts that drive traffic back to your site. Guest Blog/ Vlog This is a method whereby you offer to write a blog on someone else’s website in a similar industry. In exchange, you will receive a link to your own blog on their site, an opportunity to promote your business and increase traffic to your site. You Tube - Videos with links to your irresistible offer will help you maximize your websites lead generating ability, in the video tell your prospect to click below and get your free report.

4. Get The Most Out of Google Analytics

You need to use the correct tools to analyse your traffic (Google analytics), so you know which pages are being visited the most. You will find that not everyone who does a google search lands directly on your homepage. Once you know which pages are your most visited, optimize these pages and create call to action or special offers that stand out from these pages

5. Maximize Your Social Media Links

Promote content on your social media pages that directs them to your websites irresistible offer opt in page. It’s pretty easy to share a link to your website landing page. Those that are really interested will qualify themselves as a potential customer by providing their information. Utilize social media buttons on your website and blog, this will allow any visitor to your website to be able to share your content with all their friends and followers, increasing your audience. Social media lead generation is cost effective and produces great results.

6. Use Client Success Stories

How would I know if you can really deliver what you say you can? If you want me or anyone else as a lead you will need your website to gain my trust. Only if I believe what your website is telling me, will I become a lead. Sharing your client’s stories, how they invested in your product/service and would highly recommend, builds massive credibility and trust. What your current clients and customers say about you is a very powerful marketing tool.

7. Make Sure Your Email Autoresponder Is Linked To Your Opt-In Box

This can be a bit techy! Each Opt-In Box or offer will need to be linked to a separate list within your automation email automation software of your choice. Automation software companies will normally offer you a JavaScript code or a HTML code. Using the JavaScript form is the easiest way to add the form. You can create the form within the software and add directly into your site. However, these forms can sometimes be very rigid in their structure and have set style parameters that you cannot change. Prepare a follow up sequence ahead of time so you maximize conversion rate and ultimately gain more paying clients or customer’s

In Summary

Your website needs to be a living, breathing tool that requires feeding with content and updates so it keeps driving your business with new leads. If you can improve the 7 things listed above your website will help you drive more leads into your business. If you struggle to find the time to do all of this which is a big problem for most business owners, then TheCloud9 can help by taking this stress of your hands.

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