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Our IT Hardware solutions are designed to work with specific types of real life client scenarios, such as Virtual Desktops (VDI) cloud automation and hosting, storage consolidation. We have used our years of experience to design build and test enterprise grade solutions that can scale to fit within any organisation. Have a look at some of our ready-made hardware bundles below and how they can be integrated within your environment. All our bundles are commonly referred to as Cloud Pods and can be deployed in your data centre or one of our Partner Cloud Data Centres (*subject to hosting fees). Take a look below to see examples of our IT hardware bundles


Entry Level Cloud Pod

The Entry Level C9 Pod is ideal for small to medium size business, delivering blistering performance and generous capacity at a very competitive price. As one of our best selling off the shelf solutions its versatility means that it can be deployed in numerous types of scenarios such as:

  • First time server virtualisation project - Will support up to 100 common virtual servers with ease*
  • Infrastructure refresh project - Consolidate your existing Server Hosts and SAN for a fraction of upgrading like for like
  • VDI - Entry Level C9 Pod has been tested to support up to 200 users running on Citrix XenApp/Xen Desktop*
  • Exchange 2013
  • SQL server deployments

IT hardware, Bronze-package-web, Nimble, Cisco, HP

Consists of:
Servers 2 x HP DL360 G9, 2 x 10 core CPU 233MHZ, 128 GB RAM, 64gb Onboard Micro SD, 8 x 1 GB NIC, 2 x 10 GB NIC
Storage Nimble CS215 Smart Storage Array, 12TB RAW, 8TB useable min,ISCSI connectivity, up to 15,000 IOPS
Networking 2 x HP Layer 2 1GB fully managed network switches.


Mid Level Cloud Pod

The Mid level C9 Pod evolves from its little brother to deliver super fast performance, capacity and expandability. Using the latest generation 2 U HP rack mount servers and Nimble Storage, clients can expect 16 TB’s  of useable data and 30,0000 deliverable IOPS and a consolidation ratio of 120-180 Full Virtual Desktops per host*

This solution leads the way in cost effective performance and scalability and has been deployed as a ready made VDI Hosting Pod in the following environments:

  • Local Government
  • Housing associations
  • Insurance brokers

*Consolidation tests performed in a lab environment using the specified hardware bundle and Citrix EdgeSight for load testing and Login VSI. Actual figures achieved ranged from 125-190 VDI’s per host, based upon the type of user workload 125-Mid-High user workload, 190, low-mid user workload.

IT hardware, Silver-Package-web, Nimble, Cisco, HP

Consists of:
Servers 4 x HP DL380 G9, 2 x 16 core CPU 266MHZ, 512 GB RAM, 64gb Onboard Micro SD, 8 x 1 GB NIC, 2 x 10 GB NIC
Storage Nimble Storage CS235 Smart Storage Array, 24TB RAW, 16TB useable min,ISCSI connectivity, up to 16,500 IOPS
Networking 2 x HP Layer 2 1GB fully managed network switches.


Enterprise Level Cloud Pod

A Nimble Storage array connected to two Cisco UCS chassis through a pair of Cisco UCS fabric interconnects using appliance ports with 10-Gbps connectivity. The Infrastructure components (VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, and Login VSI components) and the Citrix XenDesktop virtual machine desktops all run on the blades in the two Cisco UCS chassis enclosures.

Using the Login VSI testing tool with Citrix XenDesktop pooled desktops; Nimble Storage has achieved desktop deployment levels of 1500 Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit virtual desktops on a single three-rack-unit (3RU) Nimble Storage CS500 system

The basic components and connectivity used for the server, storage, and network are shown below

IT hardware, Gold-Image-web, Nimble, Cisco, HP

Consists of Cisco UCS Smart Stack Deployment using Nimble Storage
Servers Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers (B200 M2 Two Intel Xeon processors and B230 M2 Two Intel Xeon E7-2870 2.4-GHz processors (20 cores total)) 256GB RAM
Storage Nimble CS500 Smart Storage Array, 36TB Raw Capacity, 25TB useable min, 2.4 TB of SSD-based flash memory, up to 100,000 IOPS
Networking 2 x Cisco Layer 2 UCS 6248UP 48-Port Fabric Interconnects


TheCloud9 provides IT Hardware for businesses all over the UK. If you would like us to provide you with a free no obligations quote please contact us today or call us on 0800 999 6996. We are here to help you in every aspect of your IT Support needs.